Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

coral, Beautiful carved orange coral flowers and amber multistrand necklace



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Beautiful flowercarved flowerorange flowercoral flowerflowers, flowergenuine floweramber flowerbeads, flowerand flowersemi-precious flowergemstone flowerbeads flowerincluding flowerchrysanthemum flowerstone, flowerwood flowerjasper, flowerand flowercitrine flowerbeads flowerwith flowerbrown flowerglass flowerseed flowerbeads flowermake flowerup flowerthis flowernecklace/lei! flowerEight flowerstrands flowerwith flowergold flowerfilled flowertag flowersigned flowerJulia flowerBristow. flower flowerGold flowerfilled flowerclasp. flowerMeasures flowerapproximately flower27 flowerinches flowerand flowerfalls flowerapproximately flower13 flowerinches, flowerto flowercenter flowerof flowerchest.Item flower#JBD739

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