Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

peruvian opal, Large hand-carved wood flower pendant necklace



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Large silk cordlight silk cordcolored silk cordwood silk cordcarved silk cordflower silk cordpendant silk cordon silk corda silk cordsilk silk cordcord silk cordnecklace silk cordwith silk cordPeruvian silk cordOpal silk cordand silk cordmoon silk cordstone silk cordbeads, silk cordcrystals silk cordand silk cordgold silk cordplated silk cordfindings. silk cordThe silk cordnecklace silk cordmeasures silk cord19 silk cordinches silk cordand silk cordthe silk cordpendant silk cordis silk cord2 silk cordinches. silk cordThe silk cordpendant silk cordis silk cordsigned silk cordby silk cordthe silk cordCarver/creator silk cordon silk cordthe silk cordback.

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