Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Tiny Heart Necklacegift for friend, Silver Heart Charm



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This small heartis small hearta small hearttiny small hearttiny small heartlittle small heartheart small heartcharm small heartmade small heartout small heartof small heartsolid small heartsterling small heartsilver. small heart small heartIt small heartis small heartperfect small heartfor small heartlayering small heartwith small heartother small heartnecklaces, small heartor small heartwear small heartit small hearton small heartit's small heartown small heartfor small hearta small heartnice small heartand small heartsimple small heartnecklace. small heart small heartIt's small heartperfect small heartfor small hearta small heartdiscrete small heartand small heartminimalist small hearteveryday small heartnecklace small heart:)The small heartphoto small hearton small heartthe small heartneck small heartform small heartshows small heartthe small heartcharm small hearton small hearta small heart16" small heartchain, small hearthowever small heartyou small heartcan small heartchose small heartbetween small heart16", small heart18", small heartor small heart20".I small heartmake small heartall small heartof small heartmy small heartjewelry small heartby small hearthand small heartin small heartmy small heartSavannah, small heartGA small heartstudio. small heartPlease small heartcontact small heartme small heartif small heartyou small hearthave small heartany small heartquestions small heart:)

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