Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

handmade jewelry, Ethnic pendant silver jewelry natural stone chrysoprase shantilight



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Chain modern jewelrypendantGem: modern jewelryChrysopraseMaterials: modern jewelrySilver, modern jewelrynatural modern jewelrystoneSilver modern jewelrypendant, modern jewelrysilver modern jewelrychain, modern jewelrynatural modern jewelrychrysoprase modern jewelrystone.Ethnic modern jewelrypendant, modern jewelrysolid modern jewelrysilver modern jewelrycrimping, modern jewelryconsisting modern jewelryof modern jewelrya modern jewelrysuperb modern jewelrylight modern jewelrygreen modern jewelrychrysoprase modern jewelrystone modern jewelryin modern jewelrythe modern jewelryshape modern jewelryof modern jewelrya modern jewelrydrop.pendant modern jewelry(4cm modern jewelryby modern jewelry2 modern jewelrycm) modern jewelrywith modern jewelryits modern jewelryadjustable modern jewelrysilver modern jewelrychain modern jewelry(maximum modern jewelrysize: modern jewelry54 modern jewelrycm)Silver modern jewelry"S" modern jewelryclasp\u00a0Weight modern jewelryof modern jewelrypendant: modern jewelry11gJewelry modern jewelryweight: modern jewelry18.22grSHANTILIGHT

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