Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Vintage Cherub Angel Pin with Heartcharms pendants, two cupids with Arrows- Rare ~ by Maryland Jewelry Artist Mary Demarco Vintage



In stock



Vintage angel jewelryhandmade angel jewelrypin angel jewelryby angel jewelryJewelry angel jewelryArtist angel jewelryMary angel jewelryDemarco angel jewelry(from angel jewelryhere angel jewelryin angel jewelryMaryland). angel jewelryMary angel jewelrygraduated angel jewelryfrom angel jewelryTowson angel jewelryState angel jewelryUniversity angel jewelryand angel jewelryFlorence, angel jewelryItaly. angel jewelryShe angel jewelryhas angel jewelryher angel jewelryown angel jewelryJewelry angel jewelrystudio angel jewelryhere angel jewelryin angel jewelryMaryland. angel jewelryThis angel jewelryis angel jewelrya angel jewelryDarling angel jewelryCherub angel jewelryPin angel jewelrywith angel jewelrydangling angel jewelryHeart angel jewelrywith angel jewelrycupid angel jewelryand angel jewelrytwo angel jewelrycupids angel jewelrywith angel jewelryarrows.Pin angel jewelrymeasures angel jewelry2" angel jewelrylong angel jewelryx angel jewelry1.5" angel jewelrywide.Excellent angel jewelrycondition.Artist's angel jewelryname angel jewelryon angel jewelryback angel jewelryof angel jewelryCherub.

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