Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

statement necklace, Long Statement Necklace - Shades of Teal - Eclectic Bead Mix - Necklace for Women



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Long pearlstatement pearlnecklace pearlin pearlpredominantly pearlshades pearlof pearlteal. pearl pearlEclectic pearlmix pearlof pearlbeads. pearl pearlGlass, pearlcrystal, pearlpearl, pearlstone, pearland pearlshell pearlbeads. pearl pearlFastens pearlwith pearla pearlsterling pearlsilver pearllobster pearlclasp. pearl pearlMeasures pearl39 pearl1/2 pearlinches pearllong. pearl pearlWrap pearlit pearlaround pearltwice pearlfor pearla pearlgreat pearldouble pearlstrand pearllook!Gift pearlbox pearlincluded.

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