Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

red cord necklace, Vintage BOHEMIAN GARNET Continuous Cluster Necklace- Natural Gems - Pyrope Garnets - Estate Jewels - Pristine Condition - Multi Shaped Bead



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ANTIQUE bohemian garnetGEMSTONE bohemian garnet bohemian garnetBOHEMIAN bohemian garnetGARNET bohemian garnetCONTINUOUS bohemian garnetCLUSTER bohemian garnetNECKLACE bohemian garnetGODDESSANDCO bohemian garnetis bohemian garnetpleased bohemian garnetto bohemian garnetoffer bohemian garnetfor bohemian garnetsale bohemian garnetthis bohemian garnetfabulous bohemian garnetvintage bohemian garnetContinuous bohemian garnet bohemian garnetBohemian bohemian garnetgarnet bohemian garnetcluster bohemian garnetnecklace bohemian garnetfeaturing bohemian garnetbeautifully bohemian garnetpolished bohemian garnetclusters bohemian garnetof bohemian garnetdark bohemian garnetred bohemian garnetpyrope bohemian garnetgarnets bohemian garnetthat bohemian garnetalternate bohemian garnetwith bohemian garnetdiamond bohemian garnetshaped bohemian garnetflat bohemian garnetgarnet bohemian garnetbeads bohemian garnetand bohemian garnetsmooth bohemian garnetround bohemian garnetbeads. bohemian garnetThe bohemian garnetcontrast bohemian garnetbetween bohemian garnetthe bohemian garnetcluster bohemian garnetof bohemian garnetround bohemian garnetbeads bohemian garnetwith bohemian garnetthe bohemian garnetflat bohemian garnettop bohemian garnettable bohemian garnetdiamond bohemian garnetshaped bohemian garnetbeads bohemian garnetcreates bohemian garneta bohemian garnetbeautiful bohemian garnetstation bohemian garnetnecklace. bohemian garnetA bohemian garnetstunning bohemian garnetlook bohemian garnetthat bohemian garnetwill bohemian garnetadd bohemian garnetto bohemian garnetany bohemian garnetoutfit.Excellent bohemian garnetConditionSIZE: bohemian garnet26 bohemian garnetinches bohemian garnetlongWEIGHT: bohemian garnet52.19 bohemian garnetTotal bohemian garnetgram bohemian garnetweightMEASUREMENT: bohemian garnetClusters bohemian garnetare bohemian garnet10 bohemian garnetmm bohemian garnetin bohemian garnetdiameter, bohemian garnetround bohemian garnetbeads bohemian garnetare bohemian garnet5 bohemian garnetmm bohemian garnetin bohemian garnetdiameter bohemian garnetand bohemian garnetthe bohemian garnetdiamond bohemian garnetshapes bohemian garnet7 bohemian garnetmm bohemian garnetwide.*

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