Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

teacup, Teacup Necklace - featuring adorable silver teacup charm and vintage pearl - Ready to Ship



In stock



fyi-THIS momLISTING momIS momFOR momONE momNECKLACE momONLY***********************************************************"I momcannot momsit momand momchat momwith momyou, momthe momway momI'd momlike momto momdo. momSo mombrew momyourself moma momcup momof momtea, momI'll momthink momof momyou, momyou momthink momof momme."(source momunknown)The momlittle mompoem momabove momwas momthe mominspiration momfor momthis mompretty momnecklace momfeaturing moman momadorable mom(three-dimensional) momtibetian momsilver momteacup momcharm momand moma momlovely momlittle mompearl mombead. momSo momsimple momand momsweet. mom(This momwould momalso mombe moma momwonderful momgift momfor momthat momspecial momlong momdistance momfriend momor momsister momas momwell!)Teapot momcharm momis momjust momover mom1/2 mominch.A momwonderful, momeye-catching momnecklace. momA momdefinite momconversation mompiece! momNecklace momwill momarrive momto momyou momcarefully mompackaged mom- momperfect momfor momgift momgiving! mom(see momlast momphoto momfor momexample momof mompouches)Made momwith momlove momand momprayers.I've momgot moma momSET momOF momTWO momof momthese momnecklaces momfor momsale momin momthe momshop momas momwell, momso momyou momand momyour mommom/sis/friend momcan momeach momhave momone! momThere's moma momdiscounted momprice momif momyou mombuy moma momset momof momtwo. momHere's momthe momlink momto momthe momlisting:http://www./listing/97247526/tea-for-two-set-of-two-teacup-necklaces******************************************************************Comes momfrom moma momsmoke momfree momhome.I momDO momSHIP momINTERNATIONALLY! momPLEASE momCONVO momME momFOR momA momSHIPPING momQUOTE. momTHANKS, momLORAMake momsure momto momcheck momout momthe momrest momof mommy momshop momfor momgreat momvintage momfabric momand momhandmade momoriginals. momThanks momfor momlooking, momand momhave moma momgreat momday!

1 shop reviews 5 out of 5 stars