Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

proposal, VIRGO English Oak ring box . Engagment ring box /Wedding ring box/ Proposal ring box. Straight edges(112)



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VIRGOEnglish ringOak ringring/proposal ringbox. ringStraight ringedges.If ringyou ringwant ringanother ringstar ringsign ringa ringdifferent ringwood ringor ringother ringdesign ringplease ringcontact ringme ringsee ringpicture ringfor ringdesigns ringavailable ringmessage ringme ringif ringyou ringhave ringa ringpersonal ringdesignMeasures:- ring5cm ringwide ring5cm ringlong ring5cm ringhigh.Finished ringwith ringcoat ringof ringoil ringand ringpolished ringwith ringlemon ringwax.If ringyou ringrequire ringa ringbox ringwith ringdifferent ringdimensions ringto ringtake ringanother ringitem ringplease ringcontact ringme ringto ringdiscuss ringyour ringrequirements. ringAll ringmy ringboxes ringare ringhand ringmade ringby ringme ringso ringwhen ringyou ringcontact ringme ringI ringwill ringbe ringable ringto ringadvise ringyou ringon ringa ringdelivery ringtime.I ringam ringhappy ringto ringship ringany ringworldwide ringbut ringuse ringtracked ringpostal ringservices ringhence ringcost ringwhich ringusually ringtake ring5-7days ringto ringarrive.

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