Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

haskell necklace, 40s Miriam HASKELL BRASS Fringe Chain Necklace & Original by ROBERT Pin



In stock



This signed jewelrygenuine, signed jewelryunsigned signed jewelryMiriam signed jewelryHaskell signed jewelrynecklace signed jewelryis signed jewelrymade signed jewelryof signed jewelrybrass signed jewelrychain signed jewelrywith signed jewelrylots signed jewelryof signed jewelryfringe; signed jewelryit signed jewelryis signed jewelrya signed jewelrygreat signed jewelryexample signed jewelryof signed jewelrythe signed jewelryelegant signed jewelrysimplicity signed jewelryof signed jewelryMiriam signed jewelryHaskell. signed jewelryIt signed jewelryis signed jewelryin signed jewelrywonderful signed jewelrycondition signed jewelrywith signed jewelrya signed jewelrywarm signed jewelrypatina. signed jewelryThe signed jewelrynecklace signed jewelrymeasures signed jewelry16\u201d signed jewelryin signed jewelrylength signed jewelrywith signed jewelryeach signed jewelryfringe signed jewelryhanging signed jewelrydown signed jewelryjust signed jewelryunder signed jewelry2\u201d.It signed jewelryhas signed jewelrya signed jewelry\u201cno signed jewelrythumb signed jewelrythingy\u201d signed jewelryspring signed jewelryring signed jewelryclasp signed jewelrythat signed jewelrycloses signed jewelrysecurely.Married signed jewelryto signed jewelrythe signed jewelryHaskell signed jewelrynecklace signed jewelryis signed jewelryan signed jewelry\u201cOriginal signed jewelryby signed jewelryRobert\u201d signed jewelrypin/pendant. signed jewelryIt signed jewelrymeasures signed jewelryjust signed jewelryabout signed jewelry4\u201d signed jewelrylong signed jewelryby signed jewelry1 signed jewelry1/2\u201d signed jewelrywidth. signed jewelryFeatures signed jewelryan signed jewelryopal signed jewelryglass signed jewelrycenter signed jewelrystone signed jewelrysurrounded signed jewelryby signed jewelrysmaller signed jewelrystones signed jewelrywith signed jewelrydangling signed jewelrybrass signed jewelryfringe signed jewelrythat signed jewelryends signed jewelryin signed jewelrymore signed jewelryopalescent signed jewelrybeads.Wear signed jewelrythem signed jewelrytogether signed jewelryor signed jewelryseparately. signed jewelryThey signed jewelryare signed jewelryboth signed jewelrygreat signed jewelrypieces signed jewelryon signed jewelrytheir signed jewelryown signed jewelryand signed jewelrymagnificent signed jewelrycombined!

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