Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

minimalist pendant, Silver pendant. Capua. Author jewelry.



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CAPUA silver trianglependant. silver triangleMade silver triangleof silver triangle925 silver trianglesterling silver trianglesilver.Approximate silver triangledimensions: silver triangle1.5 silver trianglex silver triangle1.7 silver trianglecm.Handcrafted silver trianglewith silver trianglelost silver trianglewax silver trianglecasting.Delivered silver trianglewith silver triangleadjustable silver triangleleather silver triangledrawstring.For silver triangleany silver trianglequestions silver triangledo silver trianglenot silver trianglehesitate silver triangleto silver trianglecontact, silver triangleI silver trianglewill silver trianglebe silver trianglehappy silver triangleto silver triangleassist silver triangleyou.

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