Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Hand in natural coral red Corsican Mediterranean grade AAAmediterranean coral, door-happinessmediterranean coral, lovemediterranean coral, friendshipmediterranean coral, baptism



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Hand coral pendantin coral pendantred coral pendantcoral coral pendantcarved coral pendantinto coral pendanta coral pendantbranch coral pendantof coral pendantCorsican coral pendantcoral coral pendantgrade coral pendantAAAIt coral pendantcarries coral pendant-happiness coral pendantand coral pendantwards coral pendantoff coral pendantevilIn coral pendantCorsica coral pendantwe coral pendantcarry coral pendantthis coral pendanthand coral pendantall coral pendantour coral pendantlivesThe coral pendanthands coral pendantare coral pendantnot coral pendantall coral pendantexactly coral pendantthe coral pendantsame coral pendantbecause coral pendantthe coral pendantcoral coral pendantbranches coral pendantin coral pendantwhich coral pendantthey coral pendantare coral pendantcarved coral pendantare coral pendantdifferentMounted coral pendanton coral pendantsolid coral pendantsilver coral pendant925

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