Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1980s 1970s, 5.25 FT long vintage cobra chain necklace with faux pearls and hematite beads . 63" long



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Almost faux pearlsas faux pearlslong faux pearlsas faux pearlsI faux pearlsam faux pearlstall, faux pearlsthis faux pearlsvintage faux pearlsnecklace faux pearlsmeasures faux pearls5.25 faux pearlsFEET faux pearlslong faux pearls(63 faux pearlsinches). faux pearlsExcellent faux pearlscondition, faux pearlsno faux pearlsflaws. faux pearlsCirca faux pearls70s/80s. faux pearlsThe faux pearlsnecklace faux pearlsis faux pearlsa faux pearlsshiny faux pearlsgold faux pearlstone faux pearlscobra faux pearlschain faux pearlswith faux pearlsfake faux pearlspearl faux pearlsbeads faux pearlsand faux pearlshematite faux pearlschunk faux pearlsbeads. faux pearlsModern faux pearlsflapper!Ships faux pearlsin faux pearlsa faux pearlsgift faux pearlsbox.I faux pearlscombine faux pearlsshipping faux pearlson faux pearlsmultiple faux

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