Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Evil Eye Necklacefreshwater pearls, 14k Gold Fillfreshwater pearls, Beaded Gemstone Jewelry



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Small beaded chainfreshwater beaded chainpearls beaded chainhave beaded chainbeen beaded chainhand-wrapped beaded chaininto beaded chaina beaded chainchain beaded chainusing beaded chain14k beaded chaingold beaded chainfill beaded chainwire beaded chainand beaded chainfinished beaded chainwith beaded chainan beaded chaineye beaded chaincharm beaded chain(18k beaded chaingold beaded chainplated beaded chainover beaded chainsterling beaded chainsilver). beaded chain17\u201d beaded chainlong, beaded chaingold beaded chainfill beaded chainlobster beaded chainclasp. beaded chainGreat beaded chainlayering beaded chainpiece!

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