Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

dangling earrings, 60's MOD Clear Plastic Dangle Pin & Earrings



In stock



From costume jewelrythe costume jewelry1960's, costume jewelrythis costume jewelryamazing costume jewelryplastic costume jewelryset costume jewelrydangles costume jewelryand costume jewelrymoves costume jewelrywhen costume jewelryyou costume jewelrymove. costume jewelryIt\u2019s costume jewelrygreat costume jewelryfor costume jewelrydancing! costume jewelryThe costume jewelryclear costume jewelryplastic costume jewelryis costume jewelryfaceted costume jewelryand costume jewelryhas costume jewelrya costume jewelryvery costume jewelrydiamond costume jewelrylike costume jewelrycut costume jewelryand costume jewelryreally costume jewelrycatches costume jewelrythe costume jewelrylight.The costume jewelrypin costume jewelrymeasures costume jewelry3 costume jewelryinches costume jewelrylong costume jewelryand costume jewelryabout costume jewelry2 costume jewelry1/4 costume jewelryinches costume jewelryacross, costume jewelrythe costume jewelryclip costume jewelryearrings costume jewelrymeasure costume jewelry1 costume jewelry1/2 costume jewelryinches.Excellent costume jewelrycondition!

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