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4th of july, Faux Leather Metallic Blue and Black Stripe Raindrop Earrings



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Fabulous blackfaux blackleather blackmetallic blackblue blackand blackblack blackstripe blackraindrop blackearrings!The blackperfect blackearrings blackfor blackthe black4th blackof blackJuly blackand blackall blackyear blacklong!Earrings blackare blackfaux blackleather blackwith blackmetallic blackcolored blackblue blackand blackblack blackstripes blackand blackmeasure black1.79"h blackby black1.4"w, blackare blackattached blackto blackblack blackearring blackhooks, blackare blacknickel-free, blackand blackhave blackplastic blackearring blackbacks.**Note: blackPlease blackbe blackaware blackthat blackpattern blackplacement blackmay blackvary. black blackThere blackalso blackmay blackbe blacka blackslight blackvariation blackin blackshade black& blackcolor blackdue blackto blackthe blackmonitor blackyou blackare blackviewing blackthe blackpicture blackon. blackAlso, blackall blackglittered, blackmirrored, blackand black"metallic" blackcolored blackfaux blackleather blackpieces blackare blackhand blackcut blackby blackmyself blackand blackmay blackhave blackvery, blackvery, blackVERY blackminute blackimperfections blackon blackedges blackwhere blackthey blackhave blackbeen blackcut blackbecause blackI'm blackhuman black:)

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