Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

spoon ring, Spoon Ring | Antique | “Mary” | Size 8.25



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This old ringsimple old ringyet old ringintricate old ringring old ringwill old ringbe old ringone old ringto old ringcherish old ringfor old ringa old ringlifetime!It old ringhas old ringthe old ringfaintest old ringscript old ringreading old ring\u201cMary\u201d old ringon old ringthe old ringhandle old ringthat old ringmakes old ringthis old ringthe old ringperfect old ringgift!Details:- old ringPattern: old ringUnknown- old ringc. old ringLate old ring1800's- old ringMfg: old ringFrank old ringW old ringSmith old ringSilver old ringCo- old ringHandle: old ring"Mary"- old ringBowl: old ring"State old ringHouse old ringMontpelier, old ringVT" old ringwith old ringetching old ringof old ringthe old ringState old ringHouseSz old ring8 old ring1/4** old ringYou old ringonly old ringget old ringthe old ringfinished old ringring, old ringnot old ringthe old ringbowl.

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