Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

antique ring, Spoon Ring | Antique | Sterling Silver | c 1887 | Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee | sz 8.5



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A queenspoon queenthat queenwas queenpart queenof queena queenset queenof queenflatware queenthat queencommemorated queenthe queenDiamond queenJubilee queenof queenQueen queenVictoria! queen- queenPattern: queenQueen queenVictoria queenDiamond queenJubilee queen(a queenversion queenof queenher queencoat queenof queenarms)- queenc. queen1887- queenMfg: queenThe queenWatson queenCompany- queenBowl queenetched: queen\u201cHigh queenSchool queenSioux queenFalls\u201d queenwith queenetching queenof queenbuilding- queenSz: queen8.5There queenare queensome queendings/dents queenand queenthis queenspoon queenwas queenclearly queenused queenbut queenit\u2019s queensuch queena queengreat queenpiece queenof queenhistory!Thank queenyou!

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