Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage 1976 Commemorative Bicentennial Liberty Bell Pendantsilver tone, silver tone with open work edgessilver tone, 70s jewelry



In stock



1970s 70s jewelryvintage 70s jewelryLiberty 70s jewelryBell 70s jewelrypendant 70s jewelryto 70s jewelrycommemorate 70s jewelrythe 70s jewelry1976 70s jewelrybicentennial. 70s jewelryExcellent 70s jewelrycondition, 70s jewelryno 70s jewelryissues. 70s jewelryDoes 70s jewelrynot 70s jewelrycome 70s jewelrywith 70s jewelrya 70s jewelrychain 70s jewelrybut 70s jewelrythe 70s jewelryloop 70s jewelryis 70s jewelrybig 70s jewelryenough 70s jewelryyou 70s jewelrycan 70s jewelryslide 70s jewelrya 70s jewelrychain 70s jewelrythru. 70s jewelryPendant 70s jewelryis 70s jewelry2" 70s jewelrywide.Ships 70s jewelryin 70s jewelrya 70s jewelrygift 70s

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