Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage simulated pearl necklacesimulated pearl, deco style Japan claspsimulated pearl, 17" strand



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Vintage simulated pearlfaux simulated pearlpearl simulated pearlstrand. simulated pearlNice simulated pearlquality simulated pearlwith simulated pearla simulated pearlbit simulated pearlof simulated pearlweight simulated pearlto simulated pearlit. simulated pearlSilver simulated pearltone simulated pearlclasp simulated pearlmarked simulated pearlJapan. simulated pearlExcellent simulated pearlcondition, simulated pearlno simulated pearlflaws. simulated pearlMeasures simulated pearlabout simulated pearl17" simulated pearllong.Ships simulated pearlin simulated pearla simulated pearlgift simulated pearlbox.I simulated pearlcombine simulated pearlshipping simulated pearlon simulated pearlmultiple simulated

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