Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pendant necklace, vintage goldstone leaf necklace



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Vintage sparkly metallicnecklace sparkly metallicin sparkly metallica sparkly metallicleaf sparkly metallicshape sparkly metallicwith sparkly metallica sparkly metallicgoldstone sparkly metallicfocal sparkly metallicpiece sparkly metallicin sparkly metallicthe sparkly metalliccenter. sparkly metallicExcellent sparkly metalliccondition, sparkly metallicno sparkly metallicissues. sparkly metallicChain sparkly metallicis sparkly metallic20" sparkly metalliclong, sparkly metallicpendant sparkly metallicis sparkly metallicabout sparkly metallic1.5" sparkly metallictall.Ships sparkly metallicin sparkly metallica sparkly metallicgift sparkly

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