Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver, crocheted fabric wire wrap earrings



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Crocheted wire wrappedfabric wire wrappedmixed wire wrappedwith wire wrappedsilver wire wrappedtoned wire wrappedwire wire wrappedand wire wrappedblack wire wrappedfaceted wire wrappedglass wire wrappedbeads. wire wrappedMake wire wrappedsure wire wrappedto wire wrappedcheck wire wrappedthe wire wrappedshop wire wrappedfor wire wrappedmatching wire wrappedwrap wire wrappedbracelet/necklace*fabric wire wrappedused wire wrappedwas wire wrappedcut wire wrappedfrom wire wrappedan wire wrappedold wire wrappedcurtain

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