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large earring, Kundan Gold Plated Earrings with Chain



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Gold kundan earringPlated kundan earringKundan kundan earringand kundan earringChainEarrings kundan earring100% kundan earringHandmadePacked kundan earringin kundan earringa kundan earringnice kundan earringbox kundan earringwith kundan earringcotton kundan earringlining, kundan earringBest kundan earringfor kundan earringgifting kundan earringto kundan earringloved kundan earringones..A kundan earringpersonal kundan earringnote kundan earringfor kundan earringyour kundan earringloved kundan earringones kundan earringcan kundan earringbe kundan earringadded.*Since kundan earringthis kundan earringis kundan earring100% kundan earringHandmade kundan earringjewelry. kundan earringSo kundan earringColor, kundan earringshades, kundan earringtexture kundan earringdisplayed kundan earringmay kundan earringslightly kundan earringvary kundan earringfrom kundan earringthe kundan earringactual kundan earringproduct kundan earringdue kundan earringto kundan earringdigital kundan earringimage kundan earringlimitations. kundan earringWe kundan earringrequest kundan earringyou kundan earringto kundan earringconsider kundan earringthese kundan earringminor kundan earringvariations. kundan earringPlease kundan earringexpect kundan earringthe kundan earringpossibility kundan earringof kundan earringsome kundan earringslight kundan earringimperfections kundan earringwhen kundan earringbuying kundan earringhand kundan earringmade kundan earringjewelry. kundan earringIf kundan earringyou kundan earringhave kundan earringany kundan earringquestions, kundan earringplease kundan earringmessage kundan earringor kundan earringemail kundan earringus.

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