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Etched dancer pendantQuotation dancer pendantPendant, dancer pendantInspirational dancer pendantQuote dancer pendantPendant, dancer pendantDancer dancer pendantPendant, dancer pendantBrass dancer pendantPendant\u25a1 dancer pendant dancer pendantCutout: dancer pendantBallerina\u25a1 dancer pendant dancer pendantPlating: dancer pendantWorn dancer pendantRose dancer pendantGold\u25a1 dancer pendant dancer pendantChain: dancer pendant24-inch dancer pendantball dancer pendantchainQuotation: dancer pendantDance dancer pendantis dancer pendantthe dancer pendantHidden dancer pendantLanguage dancer pendantof dancer pendantthe dancer pendantSoul dancer pendant- dancer pendantMartha dancer pendantGraham================DESCRIPTION================These dancer pendantbrass dancer pendantpendants dancer pendanthave dancer pendantfamous dancer pendantquotations dancer pendantetched dancer pendantinto dancer pendantthe dancer pendantbottom dancer pendantpiece dancer pendantwhich dancer pendantare dancer pendantblackened dancer pendant& dancer pendantthe dancer pendanttop dancer pendantpiece dancer pendanthas dancer pendanta dancer pendantcutout dancer pendantimage, dancer pendantrevealing dancer pendanta dancer pendantpart dancer pendantof dancer pendantthe dancer pendantquotation dancer pendantunderneath. dancer pendantThey dancer pendantare dancer pendantUSA dancer pendant100% dancer pendantbrass dancer pendantand dancer pendanthave dancer pendantbeen dancer pendantantique dancer pendantplated dancer pendantin dancer pendantsilver, dancer pendantgold dancer pendant& dancer pendantrose dancer pendantgold. dancer pendantThe dancer pendantantiquing dancer pendantgives dancer pendantthe dancer pendantpiece dancer pendanta dancer pendantlovely dancer pendantworn dancer pendantlook.-----------------------------------------Instagram dancer pendant\u25b6\ufe0e dancer [email protected]

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