Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold, Caveman Solitaire



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Squared roughhammered, rough3 roughmm, roughrecycled roughgold roughband roughfeaturing rougha rough4 roughmm rough(.33 roughcarat) roughround roughrepurposed roughwhite roughdiamond. rough\rPerfect roughfor roughthe roughlady roughwho roughworks roughwith roughher roughhands, roughdoesn't roughlike roughto roughworry roughor roughtangle roughher roughjewelry roughin roughher roughhair, roughetc... roughLooks roughextra roughfancy roughstacked roughwith rougha roughsquared, roughhammered roughwedding roughband.\rHandmade, rougheach roughone roughof rougha roughkind roughand roughmade roughto roughorder roughin roughSeattle. roughYou roughcan roughspecify roughanother roughstone roughsize roughor roughmetal roughby roughconvo roughrequest.

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