Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

chunky bead necklace, vintage bead strand necklace . 3 strand molded plastic fall harvest . chunky hollow orb necklace . 1950s 1960s jewelry . orange green & gold



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Vintage clear beadschunky clear beadsbead clear beadsstrand clear beadsnecklace clear beadscomprised clear beadsof clear beads3 clear beadsstrands clear beadsof clear beadsmolded clear beadsplastic clear beadsbeads. clear beadsThe clear beadsbeads clear beadsare clear beadstextured clear beadsorbs- clear beadsmost clear beadsare clear beadsclear, clear beadsbut clear beadssome clear beadsare clear beadsopaque. clear beadsSince clear beadsthey clear beadsare clear beadshollow, clear beadsthe clear beadsnecklace clear beadsis clear beadspretty clear beadslightweight clear beadsfor clear beadsit's clear beadssize. clear beadsThe clear beadslargest clear beadsbeads clear beadsare clear beadsabout clear beads3/4" clear beadswide. clear beadsThe clear beadsnecklace clear beadswill clear beadsfit clear beads16" clear beadsto clear beads18.5". clear beadsShips clear beadsin clear beadsa clear beadsgift clear beadsbox.I clear beadscombine clear beadsshipping clear beadson clear beadsmultiple clear beadsitems.Vintage clear beadsjewelry:https://www./shop/aorta?

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