Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage choker or collar necklacecostume jewelry, bright yellow gold with mirror shiny finish



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Vintage choker collarchoker choker collaror choker collarcollar choker collarnecklace choker collarin choker collara choker collarbright, choker collarshiny choker collaryellow choker collargold choker collarfinish. choker collarExcellent choker collarcondition choker collarwith choker collarno choker collarissues. choker collarMeasures choker collarabout choker collar1" choker collarwide choker collarand choker collarfits choker collarup choker collarto choker collar14.25". choker collarNot choker collara choker collartypo, choker collarthis choker collaris choker collara choker collarlittle choker collarshorter choker collarthan choker collarthese choker collarnecklaces choker collarusually choker collarrun.Ships choker collarin choker collara choker collargift choker

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