Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage 1970s necklacearticulated pendant, Avon boho Mayan modernist brushed silver pendant on bar chain



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Vintage brushed silverAvon brushed silvernecklace brushed silverfrom brushed silvertheir brushed silverMayan brushed silverCollection, brushed silver1974. brushed silverThe brushed silverarticulated, brushed silverbrushed brushed silversilver brushed silvertone brushed silverpendant brushed silveris brushed silversigned brushed silveron brushed silverthe brushed silverback. brushed silverExcellent brushed silvercondition, brushed silverno brushed silverflaws. brushed silverClean brushed silverand brushed silverbright. brushed silverThe brushed silverchain brushed silvermeasures brushed silver23" brushed silverlong, brushed silverthe brushed silverpendant brushed silveris brushed silver2.5" brushed silverlong. brushed silverShips brushed silverin brushed silvera brushed silvergift brushed silverbox.I brushed silvercombine brushed silvershipping brushed silveron brushed silvermultiple brushed

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