Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Stunning striped agate pendant beadlarge pendant, Orange agate with a bit of bluelarge pendant, fall jewelrylarge pendant, large statement beadlarge pendant, natural stone focal bead. USA shop



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This large pendantis large pendanta large pendantstunning large pendantstriped large pendantagate large pendantpendant large pendantbead large pendantfor large pendantFall. large pendantOrange/brown large pendantagate large pendantwith large pendanta large pendantbit large pendantof large pendantblue, large pendantfall large pendantjewelry, large pendantlarge large pendantstatement large pendantbead, large pendantnatural large pendantstone large pendantfocal large pendantbead. large pendantUSA large pendantshopRectangle large pendantshapeSize: large pendant large pendant54x30mm

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