Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

aurora borealis, vintage signed Lisner collar or choker necklace . AB aurora borealis glass strand



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Vintage choker necklaceLisner choker necklaceab choker necklace(aurora choker necklaceborealis) choker necklacecrystal, choker necklacepearl choker necklaceand choker necklacebrushed choker necklacegold choker necklacetone choker necklacebeaded choker necklacesingle choker necklacestrand choker necklacechoker choker necklacenecklace. choker necklaceAn choker necklaceelegant choker necklacenecklace choker necklaceperfect choker necklacefor choker necklaceweddings choker necklaceor choker necklacea choker necklacespecial choker necklaceoccasions. choker necklaceThe choker necklacenecklace choker necklaceis choker necklacein choker necklacegreat choker necklacevintage choker necklacecondition, choker necklaceno choker necklaceflaws. choker necklaceCan choker necklacebe choker necklaceworn choker necklace14.5" choker necklaceto choker necklace17" choker necklacelong, choker necklacesigned choker necklaceon choker necklacethe choker necklacehook choker necklaceclasp.Ships choker necklacein choker necklacea choker necklacegift choker necklacebox.I choker necklacecombine choker necklaceshipping choker necklaceon choker necklacemultiple choker necklaceitems.

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