Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Egyptian Scarab Glass Dichroic Pendantwoven wire pendant, Woven Wire Wrapped Necklacewoven wire pendant, Vintage Bronze Wrapwoven wire pendant, Green Sparkle Jewelry. Renewal and Rebirth



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"Scarab cryePendant crye" cryeFeatures cryea cryegreenish cryedichroic cryeglass cryefocal cryewrapped cryeand cryewoven cryein cryevintage cryebronze cryecopper cryewire, cryewith cryeobsidian cryeand cryecrystal cryeaccents. cryeScarabs cryeare cryesaid cryeto cryebe cryea cryesymbol cryeof cryerenewal cryeand cryerebirth. crye cryeComes cryewith cryean crye18 cryeor crye24 cryeinch cryebrass cryechain.

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