Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage multi chain necklace by Corocraftcoro craft jewelry, 5 strand multichain gold . Coro jewelry



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Vintage chain necklacegold chain necklacetone chain necklacemulti chain necklacechain chain necklacenecklace, chain necklacesigned chain necklaceCorocraft chain necklaceon chain necklacethe chain necklaceclasp. chain necklaceFeatures chain necklace5 chain necklacechunky chain necklacechains chain necklacecascading chain necklacedown. chain necklaceExcellent chain necklacecondition, chain necklacehas chain necklacea chain necklacelittle chain necklaceweight chain necklaceto chain necklaceit. chain necklaceThe chain necklaceshortest chain necklacechain chain necklaceis chain necklace17" chain necklacelong chain necklaceincluding chain necklacethe chain necklaceclaspShips chain necklacein chain necklacea chain necklacegift chain necklacebox.I chain necklacecombine chain necklaceshipping chain necklaceon chain necklacemultiple chain

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