Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Hammered Copperautumn, Czech Glass Beadsautumn, Fall Necklaceautumn, Wire Wrappedautumn, Short Necklace



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Hammered leafCopper leafLeaf leafcomponents leafwere leafhammered leafand leafshaped leafby leafhand leafto leafcompliment leafthis leafbeautiful leafmix leafof leafCzech leafglass leafbeads. leafThe leafcolors leafare leafperfect leaffor leaffall. leafI leafalmost leafalways leafmix leafmetals leafso leafyou leafshouldn't leafbe leafsurprised leafby leafthe leafmix leafof leafsilver leafand leafcopper. leafThis leafnecklace leafmeasures leaf17' leafbut leafI leafwould leafbe leafglad leafto leafadjust leafthe leaflength leafto leaffit leafyour leafneeds.This leafwill leafbe leafshipped leafon leafa leafbranded leafnecklace leafcard leafperfect leafto leafgive leafas leafa leafgift!

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