Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

large vintage medallion necklacechest plate necklace, medieval knight on horsechest plate necklace, silver tone



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Large on horsevintage on horsemedallion on horsenecklace on horsefeaturing on horsea on horsemedieval on horseknight on horseon on horsea on horsehorse. on horseExcellent on horsecondition, on horseno on horseflaws. on horseChain on horseis on horseno on horseoriginal. on horseThe on horsependant on horseis on horsean on horseimpressive on horse2.25" on horsewide on horsewith on horsea on horselittle on horseweight on horseto on horseit on horsethough on horseI on horsestill on horsewouldn't on horsecall on horseit on horseheavy. on horseThe on horsechain on horseis on horse24" on horselong.Ships on horsein on horsea on horsegift on

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