Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1940s wooden horse brooch with leather background and lucite eyegreat gift idea, brass saddle AS IS SALEgreat gift idea, carved wood figural pin



In stock



1940s 40s jewelryvintage 40s jewelrycarved 40s jewelrywooden 40s jewelryhorse 40s jewelrybrooch 40s jewelrywith 40s jewelryleather 40s jewelrybackground. 40s jewelryThe 40s jewelryhorse 40s jewelryhas 40s jewelrybrass 40s jewelrydome 40s jewelrystuds 40s jewelryon 40s jewelryit's 40s jewelrysaddle, 40s jewelrya 40s jewelrylucite 40s jewelryeye 40s jewelryand 40s jewelrypainted 40s jewelrydetails. 40s jewelryOne 40s jewelryfront 40s jewelryleg 40s jewelrysort 40s jewelryof 40s jewelryhides 40s jewelrybehind 40s jewelrythe 40s jewelryother 40s jewelry- 40s jewelryit 40s jewelryis 40s jewelryNOT 40s jewelrybroken. 40s jewelrySelling 40s jewelryas 40s jewelryis 40s jewelrydue 40s jewelryto 40s jewelrysome 40s jewelrygreen 40s jewelrypatina 40s jewelryon 40s jewelrythe 40s jewelryclasp 40s jewelryand 40s jewelrya 40s jewelrywee 40s jewelrybit 40s jewelryhiding 40s jewelryunder 40s jewelrythe 40s jewelryleather. 40s jewelryClasp 40s jewelryworks 40s jewelryfine. 40s jewelryThe 40s jewelryhorse 40s jewelrymay 40s jewelryhave 40s jewelryhad 40s jewelrya 40s jewelryleather 40s jewelrystrap, 40s jewelryas 40s jewelrythere 40s jewelryis 40s jewelrya 40s jewelrylittle 40s jewelryhole 40s jewelryon 40s jewelrytop 40s jewelrythat. 40s jewelryIncluding 40s jewelrythe 40s jewelryleather, 40s jewelrythe 40s jewelrybrooch 40s jewelrymeasures 40s jewelry3" 40s jewelrywide 40s jewelryx 40s jewelry2.25" 40s jewelrytall. 40s jewelryShips 40s jewelryin 40s jewelrya 40s jewelrygift 40s jewelrybox.I 40s jewelrycombine 40s jewelryshipping 40s jewelryon 40s jewelrymultiple 40s

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