Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

teacher gift, vintage red enamel heart brooch with clear rhinestone stars



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Vintage rhinestone starsheart rhinestone starsbrooch rhinestone starswith rhinestone starshigh rhinestone starsgloss rhinestone starsred rhinestone starsenamel rhinestone starsand rhinestone starsclear rhinestone starsrhinestone rhinestone starsstars rhinestone starsand rhinestone starsdots. rhinestone stars3 rhinestone starsdimensional rhinestone starsand rhinestone starspuffy. rhinestone starsExcellent rhinestone starscondition, rhinestone starsno rhinestone starsflaws. rhinestone starsMeasures rhinestone stars1.75" rhinestone starswide rhinestone starsx rhinestone stars1.5" rhinestone starstall.Ships rhinestone starsin rhinestone starsa rhinestone starsgift rhinestone starsbox.I rhinestone starscombine rhinestone starsshipping rhinestone starson rhinestone starsmultiple rhinestone

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