Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Leather Cuff Braceletfiligree cuff, Flower Medallion Cufffiligree cuff, Bohemian Floral Braceletfiligree cuff, Romantic Leather Filigree Bracelet in Merlot and Silver



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A floral braceletbold floral braceletand floral braceletromantic floral braceletadornment, floral braceletto floral braceletbe floral braceletdressed floral braceletup floral braceletor floral braceletdown...Medallion floral braceletbracelet floral braceletof floral braceletdeep floral braceletplum-wine floral braceletleather, floral braceletembellished floral braceletwith floral braceletscraps floral braceletof floral bracelethand-painted floral braceletlace floral braceletand floral braceletan floral braceletantiqued floral braceletsilver-colored floral braceletfiligree floral braceletflower floral braceletwith floral braceletfaux floral braceletdruzy floral braceletand floral braceletrhinestone floral braceletcenter. floral bracelet floral braceletCrystal floral braceletbeaded floral braceletchain floral braceletcurves floral braceletto floral braceleteither floral braceletside, floral braceletalso floral braceletaccented floral braceletwith floral braceletfiligree floral braceletpieces.~ floral braceletBackside floral braceletis floral braceletthe floral braceletleather's floral braceletnatural floral braceletsueded floral braceletfinish~ floral braceletLobster floral braceletclasp floral braceletclosure~~~<<\u2734>>~~~Cuff floral braceletmeasures floral braceletabout floral bracelet1 floral bracelet1/2 floral braceletinches floral bracelet(4 floral braceletcm) floral braceletwide floral braceletin floral braceletthe floral braceletcenter. floral bracelet floral braceletAdjustable floral braceletlength floral braceletfrom floral bracelet6 floral bracelet5/8 floral braceletinches floral bracelet(16.9 floral braceletcm) floral braceletto floral bracelet7 floral bracelet7/8 floral braceletinches floral bracelet(20 floral braceletcm).Completed floral braceletand floral braceletready floral braceletfor floral braceletshipping~~~<<\u2734>>~~~To floral braceletsee floral braceletall floral braceletof floral braceletour floral braceletbracelets, floral braceletclick floral bracelethere:https://www./shop/Viridian?section_id=30182200To floral braceletgo floral braceletback floral braceletto floral braceletViridian's floral bracelethomepage, floral braceletclick floral bracelethere:https://www./shop/Viridian

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