Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bohemian jewelry, Pink round beaded vintage tin earrings



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Super retro stylecute retro stylecircle retro stylebeaded retro stylevintage retro styletin retro styleearrings. retro styleEarrings retro stylemeasure retro stylealmost retro style2 retro style1/2 retro styleinches retro stylein retro stylelength retro styleand retro stylehang retro styleon retro stylenickel retro stylefree retro stylebrass retro styleand retro styleare retro stylemade retro stylewith retro styleleather, retro stylebeads, retro stylevintage retro styletin retro styleand retro stylebrass. retro styleMessage retro stylewith retro styleany retro stylequestions!

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