Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Christmas reindeer in wreath pin broochrudolph pin, deer with blue rhinestone eyesrudolph pin, hollyrudolph pin, signed Gerry's



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Vintage chrsitmas jewelryreindeer chrsitmas jewelryin chrsitmas jewelrya chrsitmas jewelryholly chrsitmas jewelrywreath chrsitmas jewelrypin chrsitmas jewelrybrooch. chrsitmas jewelrySigned chrsitmas jewelryGerry's chrsitmas jewelryon chrsitmas jewelrythe chrsitmas jewelryback. chrsitmas jewelryThe chrsitmas jewelrydeer chrsitmas jewelryhas chrsitmas jewelryblue chrsitmas jewelryrhinestone chrsitmas jewelryeyes. chrsitmas jewelryExcellent chrsitmas jewelrycondition, chrsitmas jewelryno chrsitmas jewelryissues. chrsitmas jewelryMeasures chrsitmas jewelry1.5".Ships chrsitmas jewelryin chrsitmas jewelrya chrsitmas jewelrygift chrsitmas jewelrybox.I chrsitmas jewelrycombine chrsitmas jewelryshipping chrsitmas jewelryon chrsitmas jewelrymultiple chrsitmas

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