Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Miriam Haskell necklacecostume jewelry, celluloid look slices on padlock style chaincostume jewelry, long strand



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Signed silver tonevintage silver toneMiriam silver toneHaskell silver tonenecklace. silver toneThe silver tonenecklace silver tonefeatures silver tonecelluloid silver tonelook silver tonedisk silver toneslices silver tone(acrylic silver toneor silver tonelucite) silver toneand silver tonesilver silver tonetone silver tonepadlock silver tonestyle silver tonechain silver tonelinks. silver toneExcellent silver tonecondition, silver toneno silver toneissues. silver toneA silver tonereally silver tonecool silver tonepiece. silver toneEach silver toneslice silver tonemeasures silver tone1.5" silver tonelong, silver tonethe silver tonenecklace silver toneis silver tone28" silver tonelong.Ships silver tonein silver tonea silver tonegift silver tonebox.I silver tonecombine silver toneshipping silver toneon silver tonemultiple silver

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