Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage West Germany cameo necklaceglass cameo, glassglass cameo, fake pearls and gold tone filigree



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Vintage glass cameoglass glass cameocameo glass cameonecklace, glass cameostamped glass cameoGermany glass cameoon glass cameothe glass cameoback. glass cameoExcellent glass cameocondition, glass cameono glass cameoflaws glass cameoto glass cameonote. glass cameoThe glass cameocameo glass cameoand glass cameoits glass cameosetting glass cameomeasures glass cameo2.25" glass cameolong, glass cameothe glass cameochain glass cameois glass cameo26".Ships glass cameoin glass cameoa glass cameogift glass cameobox.I glass cameocombine glass cameoshipping glass cameoon glass cameomultiple glass

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