Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Clear Quartsboho style, hand wrappedboho style, wood frameboho style, black and whiteboho style, Antique Bronze Long chain necklace



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This clear quartsnecklace clear quartsfeatures clear quartsthe clear quartsbest clear quartsof clear quartshandmade clear quartsEtsy! clear quartsA clear quartsunique clear quartscombination clear quartsof clear quartswood clear quartsframed clear quartssilhouette clear quartsthat clear quartshas clear quartsbeen clear quartshand clear quartswrapped clear quartswith clear quartsembroidery clear quartsfloss. clear quartsThen clear quartsa clear quartshand clear quartsselected clear quartscrystal clear quartshas clear quartsbeen clear quartsadded. clear quartsAn clear quartsantique clear quartsbronze clear quartschain clear quartsand clear quartsembellishments clear quartsfinish clear quartsthe clear quartslook. clear quartsThis clear quartsnecklace clear quartsfeatures clear quartsa clear quartsclear clear quartsquarts clear quartscharm clear quartsmeasuring clear quartsapproximately clear quarts.5”. clear quartsThe clear quartswooden clear quartsframe clear quartsmeasures clear quartsapproximately clear quarts2” clear quartslong clear quartsby clear quarts1.5” clear quartswide clear quartsand clear quartshangs clear quartsfrom clear quartsa clear quarts15” clear quartschain. clear quartsAll clear quartsmeasurements clear quartsare clear quartsapproximate. clear quartsEnjoy clear quartsfree clear quartsshipping clear quartsin clear quartsthis clear quartsitem!

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