Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Blue Flower Pinfabric floral brooch, Layered Fabric Flower Broochfabric floral brooch, Boho Floral Pinfabric floral brooch, Beaded Floral Accessory ~ Moroccan Moon in Navy and Gray



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Shades beaded flowerof beaded flowermidnight beaded flowernavy, beaded flowerdusty beaded flowerteal beaded flowerand beaded flowermoonlit beaded flowersilver, beaded flowerlayered beaded flowertogether beaded flowerinto beaded flowera beaded flowerlush beaded flowerfloral beaded floweraccessory. beaded flower beaded flowerComposed beaded flowerof beaded flowera beaded flowerm\u00e9lange beaded flowerof beaded flowersatin beaded flowerand beaded flowerchiffon beaded flowerfabrics beaded flowerand beaded flowertatters beaded flowerof beaded flowerhand-dyed beaded flowerlace, beaded flowerwith beaded flowera beaded flowershimmering, beaded flowerhandstitched beaded flowerfaux-druzy beaded flowerand beaded flowercrystal beaded flowercenter.~~~<<\u2734>>~~~Measures beaded flowerabout beaded flower3 beaded flower3/4 beaded flowerinches beaded flower(10 beaded flowercm) beaded flowerin beaded flowerdiameter, beaded flowerwith beaded flowera beaded flower1 beaded flower1/4" beaded flower(3.1 beaded flowercm) beaded flowersilvertone beaded flowerpinback.~Completed beaded flowerand beaded flowerready beaded flowerfor beaded flowershipping~~~~<<\u2734>>~~~To beaded flowergo beaded flowerback beaded flowerto beaded flowerViridian's beaded flowerhomepage, beaded flowerclick beaded flowerhere:https://www./shop/Viridian

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