Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bead, Pink Shades with Dots and Stripes Glass Dangle Earrings with sterling accents



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Clear earringsand earringsopaque earringspink earringsstripe earringsand earringsdot earrings(one earringsof earringseach!) earringslampwork earringsglass earringsearrings. earringsLampwork earringsmade earringsin earringsmy earringsstudio earringsby earringshand. earringsYou earringswill earringsget earringscompliments earringson earringsthis earringssubtle earringspink earringscolor earringsunique earringsdesign. earrings earringsSterling earringssilver earringsfindings. earringsSterling earringssilver earringsear earringswires. earringsDrop earringsis earringsapproximately earrings1 earrings1/2 earringsinches. earringsBeads earringsmeasure earringsapproximately earrings1/2 earringsinches earringswide.

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