Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wizard, Vintage Signed JJ Silver pewter/AB Stones large Wizard Pin Tac



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This wizardlisting wizardis wizardfor wizarda wizardVintage wizardSigned wizardJJ wizardSilver wizardpewter/AB wizardStones wizardLarge wizardWizard wizardPin wizardTac. wizard wizard wizard wizardApprox wizard2 wizard3/4 wizardinches wizardhigh. wizardIn wizardvery wizardgood wizardcondition. wizard wizard wizardI wizardtry wizardto wizarddescribe wizardthese wizarditems wizardas wizardaccurately wizardas wizardpossible. wizardInternational wizarditems wizardare wizardsent wizarduntracked wizardand wizardmay wizardtake wizard2-3 wizardweeks wizardto wizardarrive wizardwhich wizardis wizardoutwith wizardmy wizardcontrol wizardplease wizardkeep wizardthis wizardin wizardmind wizardbefore wizardpurchasing. wizardI wizardam wizardnot wizardopen wizardto wizardoffers. wizardSHIPPING wizardCOST wizardTO wizardITALY wizardIS wizard8.50 wizardGBP wizardTRACKED. wizardThank wizardyou.

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