Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

SALE vintage brutalist necklace & cuff bracelet SETbrutalist bracelet, biomorphic mixed metalsbrutalist bracelet, artisan madebrutalist bracelet, copper and brass with a nod to art nouveau



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Brutalist brutalist braceletartisan brutalist braceletmade brutalist braceletnecklace brutalist braceletand brutalist braceletcuff brutalist braceletbracelet brutalist braceletwith brutalist braceleta brutalist braceletnod brutalist braceletto brutalist braceletArt brutalist braceletNouveau. brutalist braceletMixed brutalist braceletmetals, brutalist braceletlikely brutalist braceletcirca brutalist bracelet70s/80s. brutalist braceletNecklace brutalist braceletpendant brutalist braceletis brutalist bracelet3.25" brutalist braceletlong brutalist braceleton brutalist braceletan brutalist bracelet18" brutalist braceletchain. brutalist braceletBracelet brutalist braceletis brutalist braceletslightly brutalist braceletmalleable brutalist braceletto brutalist braceletfit brutalist braceletanyone, brutalist braceletfocal brutalist braceletwidth brutalist braceletis brutalist bracelet1.5". brutalist braceletExcellent brutalist braceletcondition, brutalist braceletno brutalist braceletflaws. brutalist braceletUnsigned.Ships brutalist braceletin brutalist braceleta brutalist braceletgift brutalist braceletbox.I brutalist braceletcombine brutalist braceletshipping brutalist braceleton brutalist braceletmultiple brutalist

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