Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage brass floral brooch with lavender rhinestonesrhinestone flower, floral bouquet sash pin



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Vintage mid centurybrass mid centuryflower mid centurybrooch mid centurywith mid centuryprong mid centuryset mid centurylavender mid centuryglass mid centuryrhinestones mid centuryand mid centurya mid centurypale mid centurygreen mid centurytint mid centuryto mid centurythe mid centuryleaves. mid centuryExcellent mid centurycondition, mid centurycould mid centuryuse mid centurya mid centurycleaning. mid centuryHas mid centurya mid centurysplotch mid centuryof mid centurygreen mid centurypatina mid centuryon mid centurythe mid centuryback mid centuryof mid centuryone mid centuryof mid centurythe mid centurypetals, mid centurynot mid centuryvisible mid centurywhen mid centuryworn. mid centuryMeasures mid century2.5" mid centurytall.Ships mid centuryin mid centurya mid centurygift mid centurybox.I mid centurycombine mid centuryshipping mid centuryon mid centurymultiple mid

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