Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

fused glass, Poodle Necklace



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This pinkpendant pinkwas pinkfused pinkof pinklime pinkgreen,pink, pinkwhite, pinkand pinkclear pinkpieces pinkof pinkglass. pink pinkMy pinkoriginal pinkdesign pinkis pinkencased pinkin pinkbetween pink3 pinklayers pinkof pinkglass, pinkwhich pinkrequired pink3 pinkdifferent pinkkiln pinkprocesses. pink pinkIt pinkmeasures pinkapproximately pink3/4 pinkinch pinkwide pinkby pink3/4 pinkinch pinktall, pinkwhich pinkexcludes pinkthe pinkmeasurement pinkof pinkthe pinkbail pink pinkThe pinklarge pinksize pinkbail pinkadds pinkan pinkextra pink3/8 pinkinch pinkto pinkthe pinktotal pinklength pinkof pinkthis pinkpendant. pink pinkIt pinkwas pinkproperly pinkannealed pinkfor pinkstrength. pink pink\r\rA pinklarge pinksized pinksterling pinksilver pinkplated pinkbail pinkwill pinkbe pinkepoxyed pinkto pinkthe pinkback, pinkand pinkit pinkwill pinkcome pinkwith pinkan pink18 pinkinch pink2mm pinkfaux pinkrubber pink(latex pinkfree) pinkcord pinknecklace. pinkA pinkblack pinkcord pinkwill pinkbe pinkincluded, pinkunless pinka pinkmessage pinkin pinkthe pinkcheck pinkout pinkspecifies pinkpewter pinkgrey pinkcolored pinkcord pinkinstead. pink pinkA pinkblack pinkcord, pinkas pinkshown pinkin pinkphotos, pinkwill pinkbe pinkshipped pinkif pinkbuyer pinkdoes pinknot pinkspecify. pink pink\r\rI pinkwant pinkeveryone pinkto pinkbe pinkhappy pinkwith pinkthe pinkpurchase pinkof pinkmy pinkhandcrafted pinkitems. pinkIf pinkyou pinkare pinkdisappointed pinkwith pinkyour pinkpurchase, pinkplease pinkreturn pinkthe pinkitem pinkand pinkI pinkwill pinkreturn pinkyour pinkmoney pinkEXCLUDING pinkthe pinkcost pinkof pinkshipping.

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