Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling, Custom order 24 inch argentium sterling silver link chain



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Each sterlinglink sterlinghas sterlingbeen sterlingindividually sterlingformed, sterlingsoldered sterlingand sterlinghammered sterlingfrom sterlingnon-tarnish sterlingargentium sterlingsterling sterlingsilver. sterling sterlingThe sterlingpiece sterlingis sterlingburnished sterlingto sterlinga sterlinghigh sterlingpolish sterlingsheen. sterling sterlingThis sterlingis sterlinga sterlingcustom sterlingorder sterlingfor sterlingthis sterlingchain, sterlingat sterlinga sterling24 sterlinginch sterlinglength sterlingand sterlingwill sterlingbe sterlingready sterling3 sterlingto sterling4 sterlingweeks sterlingfrom sterlingdate sterlingof sterlingpayment.

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