Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Hobe flower brooch pinvintage hobe, signed red faceted glassvintage hobe, prong setvintage hobe, painted leaves



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Beautifully prong setdetailed prong setvintage prong setHobe prong setbrooch prong setwith prong setred prong setglass prong settones prong setand prong setpainted prong setdetails. prong setExcellent prong setcondition, prong setno prong setflaws. prong setGlass prong setsits prong setfirmly prong setin prong setprongs, prong setthe prong setgold prong setis prong setshiny. prong setJust prong setunder prong set2.75" prong setlong prong setand prong setup prong setto prong set1.5" prong setwide.Ships prong setin prong seta prong setgift prong

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